The Council is made up of 15 people – the President, the Deputy President, the Treasurer, the chairperson of the Athletes Commission and 11 other Council members. The members of the Council will serve from 2023 to 2027.


Tukebana (Michel) Bau

Tukebana (Michel) Bau
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Deputy President

Kingstin Mulenga

Kingsley Mulenga
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Mpiwa Bosenogile
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Council Members
Hesham Fouad ElTohamy

Hesham Eltohamy
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Aubin Houndagnon Assogba

Aubin Assogba
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Odette Engoulou
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Rajen Pultoo
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Simon Mugabi

Simon Mugabi
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(Chief) Michael Shamsu Mustapha

Michael Mustapha
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Dro Honore Zolobe

Honore Zolobe
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Jeanette Moneoang Leshota

Moneoang Leshota
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Mohamed M Zemmouchi

Mohamed M Zemmouchi
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Michael Noone

Michael Noone
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Francis Udukhomoi Orbih

Francis Udukhomoi Orbih
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Diedré Jordaan

Deidré Laurens
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Executive Board
1Michel Bau (SEY) – Chair
2Kingstin Mulenga (ZAM) - Deputy Chair
3Mpiwa Bosenogile (BOT)
4Simon Mugabi (UGA)
5Hesham Eltohamy (EGY)
6Michael Noone (RSA)
Odette Engoulou (CAM)
VP Regions
1Moncef Zemmouchi (ALG)
2Aubin Assogba (BEN)
3Odette Engoulou (CMR)
4Kingsley Mulenga (ZAM)
5Simon Mugabi (UGA)


BCA has a number of Committees, Commissions and Working Groups. The membership of these are detailed below. The Terms of Reference can be downloaded from the website.

Events Committee
1Simon Mugabi (UGA) - Chair
2Aubin Assogba (BEN) - Deputy Chair
3Hesham Eltohamy (EGY)
4Francis Orbih (NGR)
5Deidre Laurens (RSA)
Development & Sports for All Committee
1Hesham Eltohamy (EGY) - Chair
2Simon Mugabi (UGA) - Deputy Chair
3Michael Mustapha (SLE)
4Odette Engoulou (CMR)
5Deidre Laurens (RSA)
Gender Equity (sub of Dev & SFO Committee)
1Moneoang Leshota (LES) - Chair
2Odette Engoulou (CMR) - Deputy Chair
3Aubin Assogba (BEN)
4Deidre Laurens (RSA)
5Kingstin Mulenga (ZAM)
TOs Commission (sub of Events Committee)
1Diraj Gooneadry (MRI) - Chair
2Karin Bester (RSA) - Deputy Chair
3Salomon Nonvignon (BEN)
4Emmanuel Kgaboetsile (BOT)
5Naomi Oyinloye (NGR)
High Performance Commission (sub of Dev & SFO Committee)
1Stewart Carson (RSA) - Chair
2Annirao Dajee (MRI)
3Raja Rochdy (MAR)
Para Badminton Commission (sub of Dev & SFO Committee)
Admin & Remuneration Committee
1Odette Engoulou (CAM) - Chair
2Honore Zolobe (CIV) - Deputy Chair
3Rajen Pultoo (MRI)
4Moncef Zemmouchi (ALG)
5Moneoang Leshota (LES)
Finance Committee
1Michael Noone (RSA) - Chair
2Michael Mustapha (SLE) - Deputy Chair
3Mpiwa Bosenogile (BOT)
4Moneoang Leshota (LES)
5Simon Mugabi (UGA)
Marketing Committee
1Michael Mustapha (SLE) - Chair
2Moncef Zemmouchi (ALG) - Deputy Chair
3Rajen Pultoo (MRI)
4Honore Zolobe (CIV)
5Francis Orbih (NGR)
Athletes Commission (Elected)
1Deidre Laurens Jordaan (RSA) - Chair
2Adham H. Elgamal (EGY)
3Tejraj Pultoo (MRI)