BCA, with the support of the BWF, will provide financial support for the organization of Shuttle Time Teachers’ Courses that the member association is planning to organise.

The objective of this grant is to support and assist Member Associations in organising the Teachers Courses, as submitted in their National Planning Document. The grant can be used to pay for expenses related to the planning and organization of the Teachers’ courses and a stipend/allowance to the National Coordinator and Tutor.


There are key stakeholders in the implementation of the Shuttle Time program, among them:

  • The Shuttle Time Coordinators are key “drivers” for the promotion, development and implementation for Schools Badminton in each country at the National level.
  • The Tutors are qualified resource persons (having been trained by BWF/BCA), responsible for the delivery of Shuttle Time Teacher courses.

The 2-day Teacher’s course is based on BWF guidelines and prescribed manuals (Teacher Manual and Lesson plans) and Video Clips. Also, all Tutors should work under the aegis of the National Coordinator who plans and monitors all Shuttle Time activities for the National Association.


Furthermore, to be eligible to receive the grant, Member Associations must adhere to some strict conditions and criteria.


Note: Course(s) should only be organized when allowed by the Government – with regards to the covid19 pandemic.