The BCA constitution is the main set of organisional rules which defines the membership, governance structure and processes of the BCA.

The constitution can only be amended by a General Meeting. The key areas of the constitution include:

1. General Provisions
    • Name
    • Language
    • Purposes and Objectives
    • Definitions
2. Membership
3. Government
    • Structure
    • Calling Notice / Deadlines for Proposals
    • Business of the meeting
    • Meeting Procedure
    • Notice of Meeting
    • Proposals and Amendments
    • Representation and Voting Strength
    • Other attendance and speaking rights
4. Council
5. Executive Board
6. Dissolution of the BCA


The Council has the power to create and amend regulations which are more operational in nature. These include the guidelines and policies.

Regulations may include:

    • Guidelines for Council
    • Rules and Procedures
    • Committee Terms of Reference

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For further information about the Rules and Regulations that govern Badminton please visit the BWF Corporate site.

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