The BCA constitution defines three levels of governance for the organisation:

    1. General Meeting
    2. Council
    3. Executive Board


The Annual General Meeting of the membership is held once a year. The date and the location of this General Meetings is decided by the Council.

The AGM is responsible for the following:

    • To confirm the minutes of the last meeting.
    • To receive the report of the Council.
    • To consider and approve the annual accounts duly audited.
    • To approve the annual budget and to consider any other financial matters.
    • To elect members of the Council.
    • To consider and deal with proposals and motions for which due notice has been given.
    • To consider matters related to events and development as may be recommended by Council.
    • To consider issues of subscriptions to be paid by Member Associations


The Council is made up of 15 people – the President, the Deputy President, the Treasurer, and 12 other members. The members of Council serve a term of four years.

The BCA President also acts as BWF Vice President Africa.

From the members of Council elected, the AGM will decide one Vice President for each of the regions (between 4 and 7 regions are decided by the AGM).


The Executive Board is made up of the Seven Council members – the President, Deputy President, Treasurer and four other members of the Council.

The main responsibility of the Executive Board is to approve decisions/ proposal/ recommendations between Council meetings.


There are five committees which cover all key functional areas of the BCA. Committees consist of Council members. Within their scope of work, committees formulate plans, policies and proposals for the Executive Council for approval.

    • Administration & Staff Committee
    • Finance Committee
    • Marketing Committee
    • Events Committee
    • Development Committee


There are seven Commissions. These are specialist groups or sub committees with particular expertise and they consist of both Council members and external expertise. The terms of reference and the membership of each Commission is approved by Council.

    • Players/ Athletes’ Commission
    • Technical Officials Committee
    • Para-Badminton Athletes’ Commission
    • Independent Judicial Procedures
    • Women’s Commission
    • Medical Commission
    • Coaching Commission


The administrative operational BCA activities are managed by the undermentioned executive staff who are supervised by the BCA Executive Board.

    • CEO
    • Head of Operations
    • Development Managers
    • Events & IT Manager
    • Finance & Administration Officer
    • Administration & Communication Officer


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