Qualified Umpires

This list shows the qualified Oceania Umpires:


Susan Taylor (AUS)

Jiten Bhatt (AUS)

Richard Bramley (NZL)

Kelly Hoare (AUS)

Trish Gubb (NZ)


Dorothy Callister (NZ)

Jean-Philippe Berges (CAL)

Justin Zuo (NZ)

David Turner (AUS)


Gail Davison (AUS)

Pauline Dobson (AUS)

Sidney Galos (NZ)

Bikash Mukherjee (NZ)

Greg Pilven (AUS)

Greg Pitcher (NZ)

Laurent de Geoffroy (NCL)

Kelvin Tsui (NZ)

Cynthia Tam (AUS)

Joshua Ho (AUS)



Sione Vainikolo (TGA)



Danielle Whiteside (FIJ)

Gabriella Wong (FIJ)

Norman Bentley (FIJ)

Martin Feussner (FIJ)

Violet Williams (FIJ)

Krisheel Nikshay (FIJ)

Konrad Thorpe (FIJ)



Leo Cucuel (TAH)

Karawa Areieta (KIR)

Buaua Mamara (KIR)

Nadia Bleaken (NZL)

Darryl Saville (FIJ)

Johanna Kou (NCL)

Nicolas Mouret (TAH)

Umpire Appointments 2016

The BWF appoint umpires to BWF events and Super-series events Badminton Oceania receives a number of invites to other events; the BOTOC Committee oversees the appointment process to these events. Oceania Umpires appointed to events in 2017:

* this list does not include host country umpires

February Oceania Team Championships (NCL) Susan Taylor AUS
  (Incl Junior and Senior Championships David Turner AUS
     and Junior Team Championships) Cynthia Tam AUS
March India Open – SS Jean Philippe Berges NCL
April Malaysia Masters – SSP Kelly Hoare AUS
April Singapore Open – SS Susan Taylor AUS
Justin Zuo NZ
 May BWF Sudirman Cup Jiten Bhatt AUS
Kelly Hoare AUS
Susan Taylor AUS
Richard Bramley NZ
Trish Gubb NZ
June Australian Open Laurent de Geoffrey NCL
Jean Philippe Berges NCL
Justin Zuo NZ
Kelvin Tsui NZ
Sidney Galos NZ
Bikash Mukherjee NZ
June Chinese Taipei Open – GPG Sidney Galos NZ
August BWF World Championships Kelly Hoare AUS
Susan Taylor AUS
August Summer Universiade Games Jiten Bhatt AUS
August NZ Open Jean Philippe Berges NCL
Cynthia Tam AUS
Laurent de Geoffrey NCL
Susan Taylor AUS
 August Waikato International – IS Jean Philippe Berges NCL
September Japan Open – SSP Susan Taylor AUS
October Denmark Open – SS Richard Bramley NZ
October BWF World Junior Championships Trish Gubb NZ
October French Open – SS Sidney Galos NZ
November Macau Open – GPG Cynthia Tam AUS
December BWF Super Series Finals Jiten Bhatt AUS

Umpire Qualification & Assessment Procedures

Qualifications required

To be accepted for assessment as an Oceania Umpire, the following criteria will apply:

  • Accredited Umpire – candidate must be a Certificated level National or Pacific Umpire and have held that qualification for a minimum of two years.  All nominees must have met their National/Pacific TOC criteria for that Level in the previous 12 months. Understand and speak English fluently.


  • Certificated Umpire – candidate must be an accredited level Oceania Umpire and have held that qualification for a minimum of two years.  All nominees must have met both their National/Pacific TOC and the Oceania criteria for that level in the previous 12 months.  Understand and speak English fluently.

For more information download the file below.